Trust McClincy's Process To Restore Your Home
Or Business - And Your Peace Of Mind

When your home or business suffers fire and smoke damage of any kind, you need not feel alone. The damage will be remediated and your home will be restored quickly when you contact McClincy's. With your call, we'll immediately begin a process that will quickly prevent further damage, secure and stabilize the situation, begin recovery, and put your mind at ease.

The Process of Recovering from Fire and Smoke Damage

Within 60 to 90 minutes of your call, our experienced team will be on site, specially trained and prepared to deal with your emergency. When you've suffered fire damage, here are some of the emergency steps we will help you deal with:

  • Contact your insurance company after determining the cause of the damage.
  • Secure the structure and all your belongings to protect them from further damage or theft.
  • Account for and inventory your valuables and remove them for cleaning or safekeeping.
  • Help you work with your insurance company to arrange for temporary housing if it is needed.
  • Inventory refrigerated or frozen perishables.
  • Arrange for electrical power needed to begin restoration.
  • Take immediate steps to eliminate odors and to remove moisture from firefighting efforts.

When your emergency is stabilized, we will quickly begin working with you and your insurance company to make certain every aspect of the damage is comprehensively assessed and you are completely compensated for all damage and to develop a plan for reconstruction, repair the damage, and return your property to its original condition.

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emergency remediation, restoration and repair
for fire and smoke damage

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